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About Mortgage for Seniors

Our Mission Statement It’s our role to educate prospective clients about the reverse mortgage product with the utmost level of transparency, confidentiality and respect. What Sets Us Apart We provide unparalleled access to information on the reverse mortgage program. Because we are not a lending institution, our objective is not to pressure you into a sale. Transparency and consumer privacy are responsibilities we take seriously. We want our prospective clients to feel comfortable and confident in preparing for the loan process.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is not only to educate visitors on the reverse mortgage program, but to successfully connect them to a San Diego based provider that will best meet their needs. We hope to offer insights they may not receive elsewhere. We want to keep banks honest while respecting consumer privacy.

Our Pledge: Respect Your Privacy

Our pledge to our visitors is that they will receive one correspondence from our team. Whether the preference is email, text messaging, or a quick phone call, your wishes will be respected. Over the last several years, our team has connected with thousands of seniors. This alone has led to hundreds enjoying a more secure retirement. The truth is that a reverse mortgage is not for everyone. We listen to each homeowner’s story, and can help you decide if a reverse mortgage is the right fit for you. If not, we'll suggest other financial options that might be more beneficial.

What Inspired Our Platform? Mortgage for Seniors was inspired by a desire to help local homeowners in San Diego. We'll be the first to tell you--this home loan program can change lives in ways you could never imagine. Each loan tells a story. Whether it's preparing for the uncertainties of tomorrow, helping those struggling with debt or giving someone the break they’ve long deserved, a reverse mortgage can completely alter the course of your retirement. We wanted to build this platform to educate as many as possible on a fantastic program that's often clouded by misinformation.

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For more information on reverse mortgages, text or call us directly: 858-633-6458 info@mortgageforseniors.com For general questions please submit the form below: