My Reverse Mortgage is Now Paying Me Back

Pulling equity from your home is like panning for goldI bought my home in 1973 for $48,000. At that time, I thought it was outrageous. I paid off my mortgage loan in 1988. Today, my home is worth closer to $450,000! Can you believe that?

I prepared for retirement, but I worry that it may not be enough

Although I live comfortably on my pension and social security benefits, who couldn’t use more monthly income? As time has progressed, so has the cost-of-living. Property taxes, the cost of gas, healthcare; food, the list goes on. It is becoming very clear to me that although I prepared for retirement, it may not be enough.

I spent my entire life providing for others

Between raising two children and putting them through college, keeping a roof overhead and penny-pinching for retirement, I’ve worked hard all my life. Although I am well into my retirement years, I still find myself constantly worrying about money.

I heard about reverse mortgages in a TV ad

I heard about the home equity conversion mortgage program for the first time on television. Fred Thompson explained the benefits, and I made a few online inquiries. I got a few quotes, talked with my kids and decided to move forward.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made

I still believe it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. With my reverse mortgage, I was able to tap into home equity and benefit from years’ worth of hard work. I customized my loan to supplement my income every month for the rest of my life. My home is now paying me back!

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